Influential Irish bands of today

When composing a list of the most influential musicians of Ireland today. It would be obvious to list acts people have heard of. That is what makes ‘Notify’ so unique. With a monthly following of under over 300 people its reasonable to say it’s a side project at best. However, that is not to discredit their sound. With soft jazz style instrumental beats inspired by Irish flutes they set their mark for uniqueness. They make music that falls in the background, a mood setter, so you can focus on more important stuff like homework.

I added it to my ‘chill’ playlist. I think the word itself ‘chill’ describes their style very well. With no message or lyrics, they are about as relaxed as an artist can be. Existing only for recreation, “take it as is”.

I recently found, by accident, an Irish inspired rapper with a song called ‘champ’ at just under 10.000 listens on Spotify. Not very influential at the time but it has since reached 370.000. If this band continues producing music I can see them pulling a Rowlan themselves. They got the fundamentals of good music down, now all they need is to catch the attention of the general public and they can be on their way to become one of the most influential bands in Ireland today.


WP 3 / 4? idk I found the WP laying around and I figured id upload it.

How to kill yourself

Having watched an abundance of Dexter I know a knife to the stomach is quite painful. A knife is probably painful regardless of entry point. I’d probably look towards a poisoning as I don’t  have access to guns. The American government offers free injections to any large threat. Take out the president or at least try? Make a lasting political statement. Heralded as a martyr doesn’t seem that bad of a way to go. I heard the secret service once shot a middle schooler for pointing a toy gun at the president. I don’t even have to kill anybody, I can just pretend. I could go on a murder spree, suicide by cop. Dying in a blood rush could be quite fun. See how high your body count can get before you get pinned. A hard variation of this would be a Walmart in Texas. Everybody has guns but they’re all fat and out of shape. Schools seem like an easy place. Nobody has guns, even a knife would do. Take out some gender studies snowflakes. Prevent some mental corruption of our youth by these daddy issue queens who haven’t seen reality for what its worth in over a decade. Fuck the politics lets go down with some radical feminists. They’re always pretending to be victims, lets fulfill their wish. It would create a massive twitter war, a glorious sendoff. The news would go crazy. Every script writer / caster at CNN would simultaneously get a boner as they heard the news thinking of the amount of victim complex and viewership just landed in their lap. It would be like Christmas all over, only costing a few bad apples if you ask me. A pretty reasonable price to pay. I could just go the normal route and kill myself with pills or a knife. Though that would be painful. Id go with carbon monoxide poisoning. Why not? I could stream it on like that one kid did. It was a huge thing until he actually died and had to shut the stream off. Id be an urban legend, a meme for a week. Nobody innocent had to die either. But the lack of a political mark seems quite the price to pay. But this raises the question. Is the politics of a suicidal person ideal? I mean. If I decided to kill myself would my politics really be fit to rule anybody? It seems quite pointless to follow an ideal which eventually leads to self-extermination.

WP: 2

 “Last summer, everybody was listening to that song. It was playing everywhere.”

How do you know a bad writing prompt? -when it is easier and more stimulating to avoid the prompts sentiment and choose to write meta instead.

While I whine a lot about generally sensible yet mundane things because they force me to think, this prompt is truly fruitless. Where do I even start. What song were they playing? Who are “they”? What is the range and domain of “everywhere”? When exactly was last summer? The question so to speak isn’t conceptually hard, everyone understands the message, but which answer is the correct one? Nothing springs to mind. I can’t even begin to start thinking up a plotline, outline or equation.

Writing prompts are supposed to be writing-gymnastics. So this exercise is either too hard to too implicit.

An adult thing to do is to be solution oriented. That is HR speak for bitchy’ yet helpful. It’s a fine balance. But it’s hard to come up with a good writing prompt which captures the creativity of a writer, of every writer in the case of a classroom full of pupils. It involves finding a common topic everyone can get behind. Maybe that’s why every prompt is so implicit or rich in options. But then again does the prompt even matter? You as a student is forced to write for the given time and you are judged by the result so writing something is better than nothing.

That last paragraph might be an excuse for totally dodging the prompt and instead writing about prompts themselves as a prompt. In any case the prompt did its job. Can prompts be bad?

Writing prompt: Music

“Music is the strongest form of magic” -Marilyn Manson.

Not a very surprising quote coming from a drug fiend who made his fortune rapping to emo teenagers about vile topics. His entire persona is wrapped around this careless image of a depressed teenager who parties and does drugs habitually. While music may be magic it is far more likely he said this quote while tripping on magic mushrooms. While he is an accomplished musician, the authority he gives his quotes about music is akin to that of a mathematician proving his conjectures by authority instead of proof. To many music doesn’t fit that large of a role and is rather seen as a leisure and I think Marilyn has gone off the deep end and become addicted to it. But I’m certain if ever asked about it under oath he would say that there we no music or magic at the party either.

While his claim to fame is his music. He started out as a concept artist selling his artworks to drug dealers. This is presumably where he got the drug influence in his music. In 2004 he held an art exhibition featuring the center piece of a three headed Christ pinned to an embalmers table. His style is grotesque and his quote with it.

If i had a dollar for every mile around i can pick build materials from

 The song in essence is about the joy of buying used clothes for a good price. The wonky misplaced style is unique in its own way so it works as a botched solution where elegance and conformity is not the goal. It has a strong sense of self and ditches all the violence and egoism that rap music usually brings. Its self-deprecating in the way a student who got top marks on a test protests his result to his classmates insisting it was really hard and he just got lucky.

This song relates to Bernadette as it speaks to her obsessive passion for recycling. It fits the bill in regards to her breaking the cultural codes and norms of her field. While there is little impressiveness regarding her tenacity and dedication to her craft the raw talent is there. This inconsistency of output relates to the gap Macklemore also took between some of his songs, however short lived they might be compared.

Thrift shop picks on the theme of eating ones ego and recycling old habits. Its breaks the norms of rap because it is not the usual violent egoistic bragging tough guy singing about all the ‘dough’ he is making. In the same way Bernadette is not an architect who strives to build the most defying, abstract esoteric conjuring’s of pure magic. She takes pride in her work not for the success it has but the message it sends, which is where Bernadette and Macklemore intercepts.

While Bernadette may have parental obligations Macklemore as an artist in not constrained by. That would just about be the only excuse her character has for being such a repugnant student of the arts. The main difference between Bernadette and Macklemore is that they were both given the silver spoon of talent, and the courage to innovate, but only Macklemore pushed through the anxiousness of creating something which might fail and continued to create.

Personal response II

Riding the crest of globalization and technology, English dominates the world as no other language ever has, and some linguists now say it may never be dethroned as the king of languages

What if language wasn’t heritage? How would a perfectly competitive market of languages faire?

Different viable and reasonable solutions to the same problem creates competition. In this case it is for which language should take the lead. Currently every generation of new speakers are forced to learn the language their local ancestors used to communicate. So what about the second language of the world?

The second language remains a bastion of commonwealth since almost everybody has one but most importantly it is a free market for any solution uninhibited of the constraints that plague the mother tongue. Each new generation is free to choose a second language, commonly picked between the major languages such as French, English or Mandarin, however, exceptions do exist. A good example would be the Greenlandic natives choosing to learn Danish and their native Eskimo language. But disregarding this very minor minority how does the second language market place look today?

If you excuse my research skills that of a filthy casual while I cite Wikipedia. The list number of second language speakers by language is led by English at 430M, Arabic at 246M, Mandarin at 178M, Russian at 110M and lastly Spanish at 60M. English clearly champions the second language speakers by a margin that could excite even clothing manufacturers.


Personal response to assignment on Language

Language as a whole offers a solution to the communication problem, in fact the most effective solution yet.

A compelling argument is that because the parents of a generation passes on a shared common language to their children, that the language will grow healthily into the new generation.

While this is true, what happens when the generation of parents pass on an altered common language, simply put, what happens when the language ‘evolves’ and grows locally instead of globally? This means the solution to the problem becomes localized, eventually spawning a new dialect or pseudo language with its own mannerisms, terms, words and even slang.

A language is roughly defined by how we use it and there is no imperial arbiter of the English tongue to keep these ‘variations of literary and vocal -topology’ in check. Attempts have been made but ultimately a static and or final result of such attempt will become a relic as the language progresses.

Nonetheless an antique language can still be significant through heritage. A lot of scientific terms are inherited from the Latin language which isn’t spoken widely anymore. It now works as a base to trivial scientific concepts and theories. If we follow the science, we can see the historical significance of Latin that is still very present in the modern English language even after Latin has died out.

I read somewhere that 90% of scientific research papers are first published in English and then maybe eventually translated into other languages. This implies that whatever happens to English it will ever truly die out.

Epipen scandal

The Mylan Epipen scandal.

Over ten years the pharmaceutical giant Mylan ($23.08B) raised the price of their life saving drug Epipen from around $100 to $600 per pack. This caused public figures such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to tweet out against Mylan which caused their stock to plummet much to the dismay of investors.

A similar debacle had happened to “pharmabro” Martin Shkreli who also weighed in on the subject on twitter tweeting this:

-“With 8% margins. Mylan is close to breaking even. Do we want them to loose $? Sole supplies of a life-saving drug should have a better margin.”
-“Mylan: 9% net margin (life saving drugs)
Viacom: 15% (reality tv)
Altria (Cigarettes): 21%”.

Defending Mylan who offers $0 copay. How the company had low margins on the drug and compared other companies margins to theirs. He is currently being sued for raising the price of daraprim.

There is an important distinction to be made here. The price of a drug and the price the consumers end up paying is typically never the same. If Mylan or Turing raises the price of their drug it is the tax money and the insurance companies who pay for the drug and give them for free to consumers. And if the consumers have no insurance or health care plan the companies usually end up just handing off the drugs for 0% margins because that’s the right thing to do for PR reasons. Daraprim for example has never been undersupplied and their margins are great, this means both the company who makes life saving drugs get do to R&D and the costumers of that business gets to consume the drug at an affordable price.

Even if it isn’t so. Supplying a life saving drug at $300 a course is a fantastic price. A drug like that could be priced at $65.000 – $110.000 which seems to be the industry standard.

First Blog Post

My name is Benjamin Rasmussen. I go to the Nyborg Gymnasium IB programme in 2. i. This makes sense since I also live in Nyborg near the Harbor. I live in a house with my dad and two sisters, 19 and 3 year old respectively, I don’t know which one annoys me more when I wake up. In my free time I don’t study for tests on ten words and end up getting a failing grade.
Other than that I box and teach boxing to kids, not because I care how well the kids fight but because I want the CAS hours and this was a thing I am good at. Boxing is a great way to get exercise because it works your entire body and mind. While I go on the weekdays there is obviously going to be some downtime, even time I cant sleep or party away.
it is usually during that downtime I code or watch youtube videos, most of the time both at the same time. I end up writing crappy code and not getting what Casey Neistat’s point was in his 308th vlog, but I don’t mind. There are worse things to be bad at, and as far as I am aware nobody I know can judge my code, they cant even code themselves.
Nevertheless, I have to write 250 words and I’ve ran out of interests. There’s a party at “volden” on Saturday, if you happen to read this and want to go, hit me up and ill guide you out there if you want.